Tarot Party Hints

Contact me at 412-206-9171 or modernoracletarot@gmail.com to schedule your Pittsburgh area (South Hills) party

Tarot readings are a fun addition to any party especially Halloween Parties, theme parties (Harry Potter, Renaissance, etc) and milestones like birthday, bachelorette, graduation, and anniversary parties. Here are a few hints for including a Tarot Reader at your celebration.


  • Have a table and chairs off to a side or in an adjacent room for individual readings. If you would rather get readings as a group, ask your Tarot reader ahead of time if they do  a group or “gallery” readings. I work both ways, so it is your choice how you and your guests would like to work.
  • Set the mood in a way that you like and feel comfortable with – candles, soft lights, or something from the theme of your party. Any decor is good, but a quieter place away from bands or music is a good idea.
  • I can adapt readings to include young guests, with adult permission. Children’s readings consist of general advice (eat your vegetables, clean your room, etc.) and never anything scary, occult or controversial.
  • Let your guests know that where the readings are and that they are available.
  • If the each person is paying for their own reading (as in a classic card party) please let your guests know the cost of the reading and how the psychic needs payment (cash, exact change, check, pay at the end of the reading, etc). I prefer cash in exact change at the end of each reading. I don’t carry cash or make change.
  • Ask your Tarot reader what options they have for dress, costumes, decorations, etc. I have a witch and ‘fortune teller’ costume. Otherwise I appear in casual attire (jeans and black turtleneck most often)
  • If you or a guest have concerns about “scary” or “occult” cards like death, the devil, etc…just talk to the reader. A good reader can adapt to your or your guests needs. I can substitute playing cards for Tarot cards at any time at no extra cost if someone is particularly uncomfortable with Tarot.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions – Tarot readers want you and your guests to feel relaxed, comfortable, and most of all have FUN with the readings!

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