Free Tarot Zombie Cat Q&A: Will I get in?

Q: Will I be accepted into ***(***) this year? A: Being just an undead cat, I have no idea what those initials mean. But if you wanted logical, trustworthy advice, then you wouldn't be here in the first place, right? But in any case this seems like a good time to remind everyone that these … Continue reading Free Tarot Zombie Cat Q&A: Will I get in?


Zombie Cat Predictions 2017: Lottery

Q: Will my coworkers and I win the lottery this year? Your card are: Ace of Cups Ace of Swords 10 of wands A: Yes. I don't know if you'll get any money out of it, but you'll definitely win a life-lesson. The lesson is probably going to be don't risk money based on a … Continue reading Zombie Cat Predictions 2017: Lottery