Tarobytes IG: Just sayin’

Spiritualty exists on the inside. It is the powerful, internal, ultery personal way that we alone as individuals Interact with the wonders and mysteries of life. Tarot fits that category, as does non-dogmatic life philosophy Taoism or Zen Buddhism for example.) Spirituality should never be confiated with religon, which is an external, codeifed, group experience. … Continue reading Tarobytes IG: Just sayin’


Love Is Love, for everyone

Troll sighting on my instagram! Woohoo...somebody actually saw it! A gentle reminder to my fellow secular humanists, freethinkers and atheists: "There are many paths to the top of the Mountain. The only ones wasting their time are the ones running around telling other people their path is the wrong one." - proverb, source unknown Speaking … Continue reading Love Is Love, for everyone