2017: Love, Justice and the Flaming Crapsack

I blew it. This is exactly and precisely why I won't make predictions. For over a week now, I've been trying to write one of those nice little "year ahead", prediction-ish readings for 2017. I must have started a dozen different times, yet each one screamed wrong, wrong wrongitty-WRONG. I kept getting stuck on the prediction-style reading … Continue reading 2017: Love, Justice and the Flaming Crapsack


Yes/No Amusement

Thanks to Jessica and Kourtney of Epic Event Planning for their work on "Bridal Revival" sponsored by Glitter and Grit Pittsburgh. When I'm waiting for events like that to start, sometimes I'll do some yes/no spreads for trivial questions...it amuses me, and shows people that Tarot readings are happening at the table. Here are the … Continue reading Yes/No Amusement