Tarotbytes: Ace of Coins for 8 August 2018

For Tarot pics, shop updates and more, follow @quirk_and_flotsam on Instagram Ace of Coins Everybody loves the Ace of Coins. It is a reassurance you are on the right track with your career, your finances, your housekeeping, mowing the lawn....something, anything to do with the physical realm nuts and bolts of life. I know....we all … Continue reading Tarotbytes: Ace of Coins for 8 August 2018


Tarotbytes IG: The Lovers

I just started reading Richad Bach's newest book "Life with my Guardian Angel". It very much resonates with the "Illusions" and "Bridge Across Forever" era of his writing. This older quote of his seems fitting for the Lovers card since, more than just romance, the card symbolizes wants, desires, and powerful wishes of every kind.