Thank you @pghcitypaper, @eatthatreadthis, Frances Withane

Thank you to Pittsburgh City Paper for their article about psychics and predictions for Pittsburgh in 2016 (volume 26, Issue 1). I really appreciate the opportunity to be included! Please check it out, and meet other local intuitive Tamar George and Suzanne Bishop. The predictions article was on the front page...check out the super cool … Continue reading Thank you @pghcitypaper, @eatthatreadthis, Frances Withane


Seasons of 2016: Pittsburgh

Shout out to Rebecca and Pittsburgh Citypaper. My husband and I read Citypaper all the time as our go-to for music & art events. She's writing an article about"predictions" for the city for 2016 from local psychics.  It's so cool she asked for my opinion, whether it makes her article or not! This is kind of … Continue reading Seasons of 2016: Pittsburgh