Zombie Cat Shambles for Science 2018

In support of the "March for Science" demonstrations today, I'd like to repost two of my favorite science and spirituality posts. I enjoyed writing these two....they are definitely in my top 5 favorite posts, and out of the 23oo+ posts here, that is saying something. But here's to science and reason and the enormous part … Continue reading Zombie Cat Shambles for Science 2018


Braaiiiinnnnsss! I mean, Coooofffffeeeee!

Since it came up in conversation, or more accurately, since it came up in the "How to use my psychic ability" post this weekend, I thought I'd pull one one of my favorite posts out of the archives for you.┬áMy sympathy for zombie-kind is influenced most likely influenced by living in Western Pennsylvania in short-drive … Continue reading Braaiiiinnnnsss! I mean, Coooofffffeeeee!