Zombie Cat Yes/No: Summer Soulmates

  Q: Will I meet my romantic soulmate this summer? A: Maybe - leaning yes Now of course I'm going to remind you that there is a statistical coin flip chance this is absolutely dead wrong, so if BAE doesn't show up by September 21, don't complain to me because I swear all I'll say … Continue reading Zombie Cat Yes/No: Summer Soulmates


My Tarot Valentine 2017: Eight of Swords

Even in darkest times, even when you feel bound and trapped and hopeless, even if it leads you forward in only the smallest steps, or in the most unexpected ways, Love will, in its time, show us the way forward. ******** Just a reminder: If you would like a Tarot reading all your own, no … Continue reading My Tarot Valentine 2017: Eight of Swords