The Magic of Symbiosis

  Symbiosis (two things working together to be greater than the sum of the parts)  is a little bit of scientifically accepted magic. Science & Spirituality, Tarot & Technology are just such pairs. Science shows us the grandeur of the Cosmos as never before. The internet lets us connect as readers and to help Tarot clients as never … Continue reading The Magic of Symbiosis


Blogcation in Meatspace

I loooovvve doing e-mail tarot. I never close them unless I don't have a choice...or don't have internet access. Looks it is going to be the latter next week. I'll be taking a little blogcation in meatspace until August 3. It'll be a good chance to re-read Neuromancer. Or see if the new Dave Turner … Continue reading Blogcation in Meatspace