Mystical Cruises are back for summer in Pittsburgh

Enjoy an evening on the river with refreshments and mystery.... Pittsburgh Cruise lines has announced the return of their popular "Mystical Cruise" Enjoy time on the water, two gallery readings plus unscheduled a la carte individual readings with Tarot readers, a palm reader, and an astrologer, all featuring many of Pittsburgh's top psychics and mediums. … Continue reading Mystical Cruises are back for summer in Pittsburgh


Q&A: Lightning Round

It's been a busy day, and I'm grateful.  I've been in a religious minority my entire adult life. I've often lived where I am a political minority too. When you look in terms of energy,  the past week has been cause for real concern.  I was legitimately worried that  "We Need to Talk" might sabotage my … Continue reading Q&A: Lightning Round