Desire & Connection: Can you hear me now?

The "card of the month" for September is the Lovers... The Two of Swords has been giving me the niggles a little bit today... Combining the two: We have a fairly complex idea depending on how you understand the 2 of Swords. The thing that niggles at me is the way they all seem to … Continue reading Desire & Connection: Can you hear me now?

Tarotbytes: 2 of Swords

  Tarot cards, runes, tea leaves, palm lines...they are just tools. They are the knob that opens the door to intuition is represented by the two of swords...our deep connection to the universe, the multi-verse, the all-that-is. The most potent guidance is the kind that comes from within yourself, raw and unfiltered. Finding that … Continue reading Tarotbytes: 2 of Swords