The Oracle’s Toolkit: A Good Pen (part 1)

Just ask psychoanalysts, counselors and therapists. They really do go through a sort of psychoanalysis and counseling as part of their training. They are trained to be aware of their own issues and biases. They are trained to be professionals. They are trained to┬ábe helpers without losing their own objectivity, health and humanity in the … Continue reading The Oracle’s Toolkit: A Good Pen (part 1)


The Oracle’s Toolkit: Pendulums

Recently a good question crossed my path. I didn't ask for permission to use it in the blog, so I won't go into details. Long story short, the essence was "My intuition is A, should I do A or not?" They wanted validation of their own intuition from some outside source. That's fine. Tarot is … Continue reading The Oracle’s Toolkit: Pendulums