Love Is Love, for everyone

Troll sighting on my instagram! Woohoo…somebody actually saw it!

A gentle reminder to my fellow secular humanists, freethinkers and atheists: “There are many paths to the top of the Mountain. The only ones wasting their time are the ones running around telling other people their path is the wrong one.” – proverb, source unknown

Speaking up for the facts, speaking out against harm, telling truth to power, walking your talk, living your life as you see fit is one thing, but being intrusive, aggressive, pissy, judmental, and obnoxious is quite another. 1. Cranky ranting does nothing to promote facts or reason and 2. It shows you are no different from a christian proselytite. 

Do not make assumptions about any Tarot reader’s beliefs. We are a diverse and largely tolerant group. Take time to look, and chances are you can find a tarot reader that will resonate with you, no matter what your religion – or total lack thereof. Tarot is about subtlety, spirituality (a totally different thing from religion) and becoming a better person. Atheist or religious or somewhere in between, Love is love is love. All are welcome here. 

This is a protected cyberspace. All are welcome – until you are hateful, evangelical (even those of the atheist variety) judgemental or unkind. Then your ass is blocked.

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Instructions for a #FreeTarotReading

Two of the three free reading I announced Tuesday have been claimed….they are in the mail and should arrive to their owners soon.

Two away…one left. It can be yours if you are the first person to send an email to with all of the following correctly in it.

  1. A sentence saying you understand and accept the terms and conditions found below.
  2. A sentence saying you give permission to use a picture of your reading (redacted for privacy) on my websites and social media
  3. Your full name and actual snail mail mailing address (will never be shared and will never be used again after this)
  4. Your question for the reading, if any. Open is fine too.
  5. Your promise to send honest feedback about the reading along with permission to quote you
  6. Your pick for a favorite name (you can send that now or with the feedback). Choose from “psychic glyphs”, “Inkwitch Tarot” “Inkmagic Tarot” or suggest one of your own.
  7. Any questions you might have about the whole process (this one is optional)

Terms and Conditions

  • The reading is real pen-and-ink on actual paper. This “beta test” version will be 1-2 pages, folded and sent in a regular envelope. The paid version, if I decide to lauch it, will be unfolded and arrive in a manilla envelope
  • This is a one card daily meditation style reading and includes rough, primitive, hand drawn, petroglyph looking sketches of the prominent images from your card and anything else important that intuition shows to me.
  • All reading are entertainment/advice/spirituality only and do NOT predict the future.
  • This is snail mail and handcrafted artwork so it is going to take several days to get to you. Please be patient, ok?
  • After you have read over your document, please email your feedback and name choice to
  • 18 and over please.

Looking forward to working with you!