It’s all magic now

NEW on It's been half a year since TaoCraft Tarot's official launch on Halloween, 2018. Today is half-o-ween (halfway to Halloween) or, if you want to be traditional about it, Beltane. This is the first spring that I have been open with all of you about my Taoist / witchy tendencies. If TaoCraft can … Continue reading It’s all magic now


Ethical Psychics and the Unbreakable Law (part 1)

A local "psychic and tarot card reader" was arrested for theft and fraud. Ha!...NO it wasn't me. But in a weird way the news pushed me toward something I was thinking about doing anyway. I've been thinking it is time to hit the pause button on "Tarotbytes IG" and "The Oracle's Toolkit" back up and … Continue reading Ethical Psychics and the Unbreakable Law (part 1)