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I'm @Modern_Oracle_Tarot on Instagram Please visit there for "Tarotbytes IG" handwritten and hand drawn Tarot posts New mala and accessories as they upload to Quirk & Flotsam  (my Etsy shop) Pics from my music photographer extraordinaire husband (@jonbsnowmusic) of local Pittsburgh music scene Backyard wildlife random stuff including food.... For example.... Here is the recipe … Continue reading www.quirkandflotsam.com / Modern Oracle on Instagram


Zombie Cat’s Crazy Crap Predictions: Next TV Star

Full Disclosure: I love to cook. I love trying new recipes, tweeking recipes, creating recipes...you know, pretty much being a crazed mad scientist in the kitchen. I'm also a huge, giant fan of FOODNETWORK, KELLI'S KITCHEN, and YUMGOGGLE.COM. Please be aware the following is totally biased with a heavy dose of fangirling. Q: Who will … Continue reading Zombie Cat’s Crazy Crap Predictions: Next TV Star