Tarot Holidays

In that mysterious card randomizer that I call my head, was wondering what cards most match up with the holiday season and capture the energy and flavor of the time. Here's what the randomizer came up with: It is the dark of the year. It is both science, and symbolic. The moon is the light … Continue reading Tarot Holidays


Tarotbytes: The Sun

There is only one time you can ever be happy: NOW ********* Own your copy for $0.99 on amazon.com #PeaceTarot Workshop May 9, 2015 at 2 pm Bridgeville Publlic Library 505 McMillan St, Bridgeville PA - 412-221-3737 The #PeaceTarot workshop teaches you to enhance your intuition and apply those techniques to daily meditation style Tarot … Continue reading Tarotbytes: The Sun