It’s all magic now

NEW on It's been half a year since TaoCraft Tarot's official launch on Halloween, 2018. Today is half-o-ween (halfway to Halloween) or, if you want to be traditional about it, Beltane. This is the first spring that I have been open with all of you about my Taoist / witchy tendencies. If TaoCraft can … Continue reading It’s all magic now


Zombie Cat Q&A: What will next year bring?

Read the answer at Get a FREE Zombie Cat Yes-or-No Tarot reading Send your yes/no question to Go to and FOLLOW the blog (click button in right column) Read your answer in the new blog. Posts will be redacted for privacy, so no one will know it is you. Offer ends midnight … Continue reading Zombie Cat Q&A: What will next year bring?