Zombie Cat’s New Lair

The Free Zombie Cat special offer ended Friday night. Thank you to all who participated! "Zombie Cat" yes/no readings are available in the Etsy shop anytime you want one. All of my e-mail readings are now over at http://www.quirkandflotsam.com for convenient, one-transaction, secure online ordering. Working with the yes/no format lately has me thinking about … Continue reading Zombie Cat’s New Lair


Zombie Cat Yes/No: Summer Soulmates

  Q: Will I meet my romantic soulmate this summer? A: Maybe - leaning yes Now of course I'm going to remind you that there is a statistical coin flip chance this is absolutely dead wrong, so if BAE doesn't show up by September 21, don't complain to me because I swear all I'll say … Continue reading Zombie Cat Yes/No: Summer Soulmates