3 card Tarot

Called a “Pathway” reading, this layout shows the path you are on and the direction you are headed. Talks about background and context, the current situation, and moving forward in a positive way



Q: I used to live (in the USA) but I have recently returned to Taiwan where I lived as a child (for personal reasons). My background and work experience is in early childhood education, but it would be hard to return to that here, because the educational systems are very different. I’m torn between continuing that work and finding something else. Do you have any advice?

A: Your cards today are:

Lessons from the past: 9 coins – truth
Where you are now: ace of wands – creation
Ideas to move forward: temperance – balance

Ni hao *******

I can only imagine what it must be like to bridge cultures like that. All else being equal, there is a feeling of striking out away from education, at least of the early-age type. There is a feeling of being able to get a new start, and follow another dream.


In the card spread we have here, the 9 of coins speaks of the lessons and experiences of your past. Often it reminds you of old lessons that can help you now, or it gives a validation of things that you have done well. In your case, it feels like both. You have had an ability to be truthful and honest with yourself…that much shows in the question you have sent. And I think that is the real answer here…it isn’t a matter of ability…it is a matter of desire. If you take a truthful look, what is your heart’s desire to do? If you wish to continue this career, you have the ability to do so despite the cultural challenges…you could find a way to make it work if you really want to do that…OR if your honest desire is to try your hand at something else, then you can find a way to make that work too. Half the problem is knowing what you really deep down WANT. Once you know where you want to go, getting there is less daunting.


The Ace of Wands is your challenge now…you may have to “get creative” and think “outside the box” to do what you wish to do…once you know the truth of what that is. If you wish to teach, you may have to teach a different age group, or even adults, to find the cultural fit you need, for example. There is also a sense of creaTIVITY as well as creaTION…this may be a chance to do something self-expressive or creative that you wouldn’t maybe have the same opportunity to do here in the states…artwork, or writing about your adventure, or writing a text about teaching in different cultures or something on that order…again, the honest look at your heart’s desire, and a willingness to be flexible and creative in making that desire workable will guide you


The Temperance card is an idea to guide you forward…a good next step. I feel it is all about finding that balance between cultures…perhaps teaching Taiwanese culture to us Americans and vice versa. I want to say symbiosis too…the two things balanced and harmonious, yes, but the two together stronger than either alone.

My mind keeps returning to the book “Iron and Silk”. I can’t remember the author’s name right now. Have you ever read it? It is a memoir of a man from America teaching English at a school in China (I think it was the mainland, though) There aren’t a lot of similarities between you and the person in the book, but it may have some small idea or inspiration for you.

Usually I open to any impressions that might come through, whether they are related to your cards and question or not to let any important messages to come through. To be honest there isn’t much energy in this part…just a mental image of blue and grey silk scarves blowing in the wind – similar to a bit of the movie version of “Iron and Silk” come to think of it. It feels symbolic somehow, but I can’t tell what exactly…perhaps you can think of something. Whatever you think it might be…that is it…your hunches and intuition is the thing to listen to here.

Now I see an old iron temple bell, and a metal – looking fu dog statue. I remember seeing a TV show about Taiwan and the Dharma Drum Mountain temple….I see their bell and thier bohdi tree with the paper leaves and the wishes written on them. Are you near there? The color pink of the paper they used catches my attention a little bit too…pink is often associated with love, compassion, and the heart chakra.

And there the energies step back

Good luck to you! Hao Yun!


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