5 Card Tarot

Best value, all-purpose reading. If you don’t know which layout to get, this is the one to try. Is a good balance between focus and detail. Shows the path you are on, plus advice/choices and alternatives open to you.




Q. Could you give me a general reading? I don’t have a specific question, but would like an idea of where I’m headed and where I should focus my attention. 

A. Hi ****!

Thank you so much for being so open. I appreciate your help. Since you know the process, let’s get right to it.
General Pattern: two of the five cards are major arcana, and those are in the first two positions. The mental image that comes here is a handful of colorful confetti thrown up in the air. Things may be “up in the air”, or in the process of being shaken up a little bit….or at the very least, seeds of change are being sown now. The feeling is that you are laying a strong foundation for later, and generally headed in a good direction. There is very much a feeling of foundation or beginning…like the beginning of a journey. Of the remaining three minor arcana cards, two are wands, which I generally read as having to do with your relationship with yourself – perceptions, philosophy, internal paradigms, that sort of thing, more than change or dynamics in the external world. There is a coin card at the end, so things are moving in a positive direction in the physical realm as well.
Lessons from the past: The Tower (in reverse), meaning “Chaos”. I don’t usually put much significance in whether a card is reversed or not – I like to take a more holistic approach and consider all possible messages in a card anyway – but in this case my hunch is that it is significant. Typically the advice is to get “above the fray” and look for the big picture. In this case, if feels more like a validation. It feels like you are a gestalt thinker to begin with, that you naturally and intuitively look for the big picture, and get a lot of comfort and success from that kind of thinking. Keep up the good work! This is a big part of the strong foundation you are building now. The mental image here is like a concrete slab or a sidewalk or a patio…that is how enduring, solid and important of a place you are at right now. “Cornerstone” comes to mind. “Build strong while keeping an eye on the final vision” comes to mind as well. A good foundation isn’t going to help if the building project gets all scattered, and distracted and tangential. You are the foreman in the building project of your life…so keep the long track plans in mind even as you pour the foundation.
Where you are now: The Priestess meaning “mystery”. The mental image here is filmy, silky, delicate, translucent cloth. The mental image is a little complex too…I think that speaks to how well you are dialed into spirituality and your own spiritual growth…how to communicate all this? The mental image is almost like a temple in the air, like a twilight sky, with gentle breezes, all white marble, and columns, and women dressed in white loose gowns, like ancient Greecian statues. There is a feeling that you are / have been an acolyte, an apprentice-learner (Padawan comes to mind if you are a Star Wars fan). The Priestess card is asking you to grow…to become your own Priestess, to take charge of your own spirituality, to be your own spiritual leader. Now I hear that line from the Red Hot Chili Peppers song, “Dani California”… just that little snippet about “Your my priestess, I’m your Priest”. The feeling here also reminds me of a book I read a long time ago, when I was beginning to learn this kind of lesson too…I don’t know if it is still around, but “If You Meet Buddha on the Road, Kill Him” by Ram Dass. I know the title is a little shocking, but  it isn’t so bad. It’s all about autonomy and spirituality, in a 70s / 80s dated kind of way.
There is also a sense of initiation – seeking tradition, or initiation into a / your tradition. There is a sense of sacred vow…it reminds me a little of “the vow” for peace that went around the internet a few years back. Not some dogmatic, external ritual. More like a personal intent, something internal and just for you, only more profound than a new year’s resolution. More like setting your intent to do something, like be more mindful, or more peaceful in you approach to something, or to live a belief no matter what others may judge…something on that order, these just being examples.
The next step forward 8 of Wands “Infinite Possibilities”. In the old style “Pathway” spreads this is the “future” card. These three cards do feel like the path you are on, and here it opens. You are being asked to lay a strong foundation, keep the big picture of your life plans in mind, assume leadership and a more advance role in your spiritual life, and the next step beyond that…the world is your oyster. There are so many ways you can take this…so many places you can do, “so many dreams you can dream” comes to mind. I also hear “choose wisely”…you are headed to a place where manifestation is very easy, and careless choices or inattention can inadvertently bring hard lessons. So there is both advice and caution here. Keep your mind looking to the highest and loving best, while keeping care, being mindful and thoughtful about what you choose. Once you choose, the path opens, and it becomes easier to make it so.
The advice card is the Page of Wands, meaning reciprocity. Have you ever heard that song by the New Radicals “You Get What You Give”…this is as much a promise as it is advice. Give love, happiness, and you will get the same, promised! The emotional tone of the song is very much the feel of what is given and received here. Do you have any other connections with that song? It is so strong with this card. Some memory maybe…but feels more like an association with a person. A friend or brother, a male about your age, give or take a little. I don’t usually get this kind of detail – but I give what I get ironically enough…so I want to say it is a male with dark, curly hair. There is a feeling of high school friend, or brother maybe. There is something a little bittersweet about the time and person associated with the card and song somehow. I didn’t make the connection at first, but this is the page of wands, which would emphasize that young male association somehow. It might be because it is an older song, but I also associate this guy with a plaid flannel shirt somehow. Whether any of this means anything for you or not…I don’t know, but will leave it with you to decide.
The final card is another outcome…a direction you can take things based on your decisions. Usually, I would say another direction…but so many directions are wide open to you based on the 8 of wands. This card feels very much connected to that one in your case…this is further advice for you choice – making and perhaps that place to put your attention…it is 8 of coins, meaning “creative service”. Of the many, many paths and choices open to you, the path of “creative service” is the one of greatest light and energy. It feels like something that is a triple-whammy of being creative (like art, music, something that is new or innovative in some way), of being satisfying to you on a heart and soul level, plus being helpful or inspiring to others. For some reason I think of a song that touches people’s hearts and gives a sense of happiness, encouragement and contentment…maybe not unlike “get what you give”. For lack of a better way to put it…MAKE something that makes you happy and helps other people at the same time. DO something that feeds your soul, and it will feed other’s as well.
Cold Reading: I always like to wrap up with any impressions that come through, that may be related to the cards and your question, or it may not. For whatever reason it often starts with a color. Black comes to mind…but not in the negative way you may think. Black is a color of protection…protect this beautiful silky sunny butterfly world you have inside, and the bright world you can call to you. I’m not saying dress like a goth girl all the time, but maybe have a favorite black sweater (it feels related to something you wear, somehow). Black is a color of manifestation and infinite possibilities as well…the void from which all was created kind of thing. In painting, black is a paint that contains ALL colors in high concentrations. (In actual light waves, white light contains all colors…see, black and white isn’t so black and white after all…who knew there was such similarity). Thirdly, I get the feeling this is a gentle reminder, that there is a dark side to life, as well as the spiritual, temple-bright side. Stay grounded, don’t get too “airy fairy”. Balance is key, and more important than going through life seeing it only through rose colored glasses. We see best when light and shadow are in balance. Black isn’t all bad, and white isn’t all good. Both contain everything, and we draw out of them what we choose.
Mind mind is drawn back to the temple / priestess image from before. I think this is to say that your spirit guides (guardian angels, or however you think of such things) are sending their love, and validating any experiences or perceptions you have had of light and loving guides. When things ‘loop’ like that, it is the clue to things wrapping up. It is there the energy steps back.
Thanks so much for letting me read for you today. It is a true honor to touch the energy of love and support that comes from spirit guides this way.
Best wishes to you!
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