7 card Tarot

The seven card reading is the largest that I offer. I designed this card spread to offer a great deal of depth and detail, without becoming unfocused or contradictory the way very large spreads do. This is the layout I use for individual sessions, and includes the same cards as the 5 card Modern Oracle layout, plus energies helping you and challenges

In-person session – $40

Distance / Bring a Friend – $35

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E-mail Example:

Q: There have been lots of changes in our family over the past year or so. I’ve been stressed and run down to the point of being ill. After much healing, we are on a brighter path than ever. What advice can you give about this new direction? (Details removed for privacy – reading used by permission)

A:  As I read your note, two words sprang to mind…”patience” and “inexorable”, plus I get the image of a glacier…here is what I think that means…

You are doing the right thing. Be patient with yourself, and keep up your rock-solid support and direction with the boys. It is hard to hold the line and keep up with new behavior patterns. It is easy to let edges crumble…but even when the crumbles happen, the important thing is to continue, as a glacier does. Even if it is slow progress, glaciers can re-work the face of the Earth itself…you can stay in the light and on the bright path, be persistent  solid, inexorable.
Now the image switches to a fireplace, and a low ember that burns longs…you may not want a hot, fast-burning fire. This change, this new path is for the long-haul. No need to hurry or put pressure on yourself.
Now turning to the cards. I’ll shuffle with just a general reading in mind, and stay open to whatever comes through. I feel pulled to do a seven card Tarot here.
I cobbled together this card spread based on some more traditional ones. The first three are based on the old past-present-future pathway spread. I think of it more in terms of lessons from the past…things to be brought forward or mistakes to be avoided, the important lesson moving through life now, and an idea to help carry you forward.
The fourth “advice” card is further food for thought about where things are now
The fifth card is an alternative direction…another way you can take things based on your choices
Sixth is cautions…potential bumps in the road, and seventh is assets, things working in your favor.
As a side – note…I don’t read much into “reversals”. I try to take the big picture of a card into account no matter how it falls on the table.  As always, your hunches and intuition about anything said here is far more valid and powerful than anything I can guess or interpret about it.
General Patterns – Of the seven cards, the minor arcana dominates. My hunch is that this is a reassurance that the stressors have peaked, and you are indeed headed toward a time of brightness, healing, and stability. There are two major arcana, so change and energy is still afoot – but both of those cards feel positive too.
Lessons past: 2 of Cups, “internal harmony”. (reversed) Many times the lesson past card is more a validation than anything else. I feel like that is the case here. This card is acknowledging your efforts to grow and to heal. On the rider-waite cards, there is literally a caduceus central to the two cups in the artwork. You are very much being thanked and validated for the healing you have brought both to yourself and to the family. It feels very much like a big, warm hug from your spirit guides. My hunch is the reversal is about you having a tendency to demur…to sell yourself short, or brush off the praise offered here. Good for you for not being so self-deprecating and to declare to the world that you are following your heart no matter what. Good job there.
The now card is very closely related to this idea, but is more the caution side of the coin, and something you already know all too well…the 10 of Wands and the lesson of “Selflessness” You have learned the hard way what allowing yourself to be self-less almost to the point of self-destructive can do. The caution here is to try and catch yourself before getting too far into those old patterns. The very best thing you can do to help your family is to be strong, happy, healthy and rested…so you can give them the love and support that is the most important thing of all. The mental image here is an old, ornate, old fashioned gold key…almost like you would see on a necklace pendant…and the phrase “key to my heart” comes to mind. Also “raising all the boats together”…by letting your own health and strength shine through, you allow them to discover and shine their own strengths too. Better to nudge in the right direction from behind, and enable success than lead from the front from a place of exhaustion…if that makes any sense.
The future ideas…ideas to go forward…might be a little colored by my own bias knowing your work. I get the feeling that this card, The High Priestess, the new blog you are developing, and are you considering writing a book on the topic? I’d buy that book in a heartbeat! I may be biased in reading this because I think the world need your talent in it. In fact, I see showers of golden glitter in my mind’s eye just talking about it. I like to think that means that it will be a source of abundance for you … in terms of work, finances, happiness…tangible and intangible benefits both. This card is magic. In every full sense of the word.
The advice card is the Ace of Cups, “inner light”. I think this card is very straight forward and face value. Learn to know your inner light, and let it shine. We all see it…and hope that you see it too.
Lots of cups in this reading…not just romance, these cards can be any close relationship…I think the abundance of cups, supported by wands, speaks of the bright warm place you have created with your boys, and the cooperation from their dad. Here again, I get the feeling of “stay the course”. More than change direction, it feels like the message is allow the goodness to happen. It also reminds me a little of that line from that “Halloween Town” movie I’ve blogged about. “Magic is just wishing for something then letting yourself have it” Sometimes for those from a constricted background or with very strong tendencies to selflessness, the allowing can be the hardest part.
The alternative direction is the Knight of Cups, “sufficiency” . It is a reassurance that even if things fall into old patterns, you will find enough strength, happiness…the boys will have all they need…but there is a feeling of caution again. The path of magic, mystery, brightness and love you have created (priestess) is the course you are on now, and is the preferred path. Again a “stay the course” feeling. If you change direction it won’t be a disaster, but perhaps less easy, less fulfilling ..enough, but not comfortably so. Hang in there! Working from a place of health is better not only for you, but for the family, you are SOOOOO RIGHT ON TARGET when you talk about not getting over extended and run down again.
And that takes us right to the cautions card Temperance which as you know is all about balance and moderation. What comes here is that tugging feeling in a steering wheel when a tire is low or out of alignment. You may be tugged to get off course, and it may take some tugging of your own to keep things on this bright path you have created / called to you…but you CAN do it. You have learned the hard way and know all to well what imbalance can do. You have done the hard work to bring things into balance…the advice here is to make the small corrections to KEEP things in balance. Again the steering analogy…you know you naturally make little corrections in steering while driving, so you don’t run across the line or off the edge…that is the advice side of this…to avoid the big turns of the steering wheel that happen if you drift to the edge of the lane. Lots of little corrections are better than a few big, drastic ones.
The assets card is again very face value and straight forward…the Three of Wands, “foresight”. You have good logic, and good intuition, which is what combines into foresight…they synergy of both of those things. Your good foresight will allow you to keep things in balance and “chart a bright course” as comes through intuitively here. If you get a chance, look at the card online in the rider-waite version…it is golden and bright, and I can see you as the figure on the hill looking out over a bright future, and leading the way…lead, not do everything yourself. The feeling here is like command of a ship, strategy, planning, sprinkled with magic, and golden intuition.
When I open to a general reading…which may or may not have to do with the question or the cards. I like to create space for any important messages to come through … I again see glitter, but this time more colors…silver and purple too.
There is a feeling of don’t worry about school, the boys will come to their own. Again a feeling of purple, a little black…and sweaters, warm pull over sweaters for them, some books and a yellow school bus…not sure what that image means, but it feels warm and home-y.
Now I see candles…like jar yankee candles…ivory ones and pink colored ones, lighted and burning …pretty.
I get a feint whiff of flowers…like a muted rose, violet or geranium…not that super strong scent of roses…something more subtle. Maybe lavender.
And again my minds eye is taken back to a necklace…’antiqued’ or old, filgree, maybe a heart or locket of some kind. ? family association or an heirloom? Feels a tiny bit like a hello from and older female who passed, possibly some time ago, like a grandmother, aunt or family friend. But with that kind of thing, I always leave it with you to decide if that has any value, or is totally off base.
Now I smell paper and paint, like a school art room. I can see brushes. Again with the glitter.
When thing loop like that, it is a clue that the energies are stepping back.
And there it ends
I hope that helps a little! Thank you so much for allowing me to read for you…I’m such a fan of your work, this has been a real treat for me! 😀
Thank you again!

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