How Does Distance Tarot Work?

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Where does intuitive information come from? What does the “sixth sense” actually sense? What does ESP actually perceive?

If it was anything from measurable time or 3 dimensional space, we wouldn’t need a psychic to read it for us. I think it is a little more complicated than that. Meta might be a better word. I think psychic intuition taps into a part of the normal, natural universe…but a part that is everywhere all the time, not limited to specific place or time. Think gravity. Gravity is, for all practical purposes, the same in New York, Tokyo, Alabama and Timbuktu. It hasn’t changed during human history. Gravity is all the same no matter where you stand or when you drop your keys….they still fall down just the same. That is how it is for intuition. The spirit/energy guidance is everywhere all the time like gravity.  The ideas are the same no matter if we are together or a world apart when we reach for those ideas. The words are the same no matter if you hear them spoken now or read them later.

Imagine that your spirit guides or guardian angels could write a letter to you and tell you you whatever you need (not want) to know. Then imagine they can only write to you in hieroglyphics. Just as with real world hieroglyphics, you can learn to read the ancient picture-writing for yourself, but many times it is more helpful to get a professional translator’ s help. That is what I do.  Intuition is the way we translate intuitive information from  spirit/energy  into understandable language and use-able guidance.

Here is another example. Think about a DaVinci painting or a Shakespeare play. Have you ever heard a song that was recorded before you were born? Art and music can touch your emotions across years, even centuries. If a normal-sensory thing like art can bridge time and space in that way, it is even easier for intuition to touch you through something as mundane as the internet.

As long as we the ability to communicate back and forth, even in super slow motion through snail mail, you can still get a very effective and meaningful reading. With all sorts of extra benefits over visiting a psychic in person:

  • It’s private. You open your email in a time and place that is right for you.
  • It’s convenient. No appointment needed.
  • It’s affordable. Since I don’t have to rent space or travel I can pass the savings along to you
  • It’s trustworthy. No chance the reading is using stage tricks, reading your body language or asking leading question. There is no pressure put on you to get more readings, other services or expensive upgrades. You know your whole cost up front. You know the reading is pure intuition, pure spiritual guidance and best intentions.
  • It’s secure. I use Etsy encrypted checkout in the TaoCraft Tarot Shop to give you a wide range of secure payment options.

If you prefer the experience of a one to one in-person session, no problem! Contact me to schedule one today. An individual session is $40 for a seven card, approximately 45 minute session.

If you live outside of the Bridgeville-Scott Township-Collier Township-Mount Lebanon-Upper St. Clair area,  or if you don’t want to wait for an appointment, please visit the shop and check out the wide selection of layouts and formats today. Email prices are $5 per card. Prices for video, digital hand illustrated, pen and paper readings as listed.


  • One Card: Great for general guidance, or for a tightly focused look at a specific question.
  • Three Card: Shows the path you are currently on,
  • Five Card: best all – purpose layout. Shows the path you are on, choices and alternative directions that may be open to you.
  • Seven card: This is the largest layout that I offer. Shows the path you are on, choices, alternative direction plus energies helping you and things that challenge you.
  • Seasons of the Year: Great for looking ahead, birthdays, anniversaries, New Years…give a Tarot theme or lesson for each of the coming four seasons plus a guidance card for the year as a whole
  • Zombie Cat’s Yes/No reading: Snark & humor with a specific yes or no answer, Zombie Cat style. Like Schrodinger’s cat that inspired him, Zombie Cat has a 50% chance of being dead….dead wrong that is.


  • E-mail: Photo of your unique card layout, typed interpretation with psychic cold reading style summary, and positive affirmation based on your cards. You receive a link from TaoCraft Tarot Shop  (on Etsy) where you can view or download your word document reading
  • Video: video of your unique card layout with spoken interpretation, psychic summary, affirmation. You get a link through the Etsy Shop order where you can view or download your video
  • “Digital InkMagick” Handwritten interpretation of your unique cards including glypy-like illustrations of the intuitive images I’m shown, cold summary and affirmation. You get a link through the Etsy shop order to view or download a .pdf document in my actual handwriting and drawing, not a font.
  • Pen and Ink: Handwritten on paper with an old school fountain or glass dip pen, these Tarot readings include glyph illustrations, summary and affirmation. These readings arrive to your mailbox through good old fashioned postal delivery. Great if you like a goth or steampunk aesthetic.